Saturday, July 23, 2005

Under Contract

I guess there's no turning back now. We accepted the offer on our house yesterday afternoon. Our agent talked with the buyer’s lenders and everything checks out. The buyers signed the paperwork last night, so we're officially under contract. We are completely blown away by God's goodness and timing. We feel like a huge weight has been lifted with the sale of our house. However, today we're feeling very sad. This is our first home. Two of our kids were born while we lived here. With the remodel done, the house is finally a place where we'd love to live. We'll be exchanging it for two rooms in DC. We're praying for God's grace to give us the ability to work with the accommodations. You see, we'll be living on a 100-acre farm with the program's interns along with two other families. The housing is pretty sweet, but our private space will be limited to two good-sized rooms. One of the families is the Engles. Lou Engle is the founder of this movement. He and his wife have seven children. The other family is the Amabiles. Paul, Cheryl and their six children are from the Kansas City IHOP and have been with the JHOP since it began in January. They too have sacrificed their careers and normal lives to run with this vision to turn America back to God. We've spent some time with the leadership there in DC, and we're excited about joining them in a couple weeks.

Kim had an interesting dream a few nights ago. She’s had a few dreams recently about “doors”. Oddly enough, the JHOP people gave us several prophetic words concerning doors during our visit in April. In one of Kim’s dreams, she and I are standing in a room looking at a door that’s on the ceiling. It’s out of reach, and we’re trying to figure out how to get through it. Something interesting about the door is that it looks old with old fixtures; like something from the early 1900’s. We have some ideas, but for now we’re praying for God to reveal the meaning of this dream to us.

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