Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Small World

I haven't had much to say concerning the shootings in Colorado on Sunday. I've mostly just been praying. This feels like it hits so close to home.

  • The shooters parents attend a prayer meeting every Friday night at my friends house in Denver.
  • A close friend is family friends with the security guard at New Life that killed the shooter.
  • A former student did her DTS training at the YWAM base that was attacked in Denver. Some friends knew the staff members that were killed.
  • A friend knew the two teenage sisters that were killed at New Life Church.
Please pray for all the families that have been directly impacted by this event, especially that of the shooter Matthew Murray. Please pray also that it would be more than a passing news item and that it would prick the conscience of the Church and nation. America is in crisis on so many fronts. There has never been a more critical time for national repentance.

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