Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Heaven's Kiss or a Statistical Phenomenon?

I spent the weekend in DC with our team from Fort Mill. We all gathered on the national Mall on Monday for the annual March For Life. So I'll let you all decide whether this was an intimate nod from the Lord or simply a ridiculous coincidence.

Meet Rhonda. She's a former student of mine from Denver, CO. Last Fall she joined our weird little company here in Fort Mill as an apprentice and promptly got wrecked on being an intercessor for America. She traveled to DC with us for the March and joined with over 100,000 other demonstrators on the streets of Capitol Hill. Not only did the media single her out among thousands and thousands to be photographed, but then her picture was featured in her hometown newspaper, The Denver Post.

I've made my decision which one I think it is. I love you Rhonda. You just keep being as radical as you want to be, you Gadite.

By the way, The Washington Post noted in their report on the event that the majority of the protesters were teenagers. Something's shifting.

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rhonda said...

Matt!! Making your blog is even better than making the Post! I love it.