Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Familiar Faces

Tonight was incredible. The DC team arrived today as well as friends that have been scattered around the country for a couple months. It suddenly hit me like a Mac truck just how much I miss living in community. We had a little family reunion of sorts tonight at our house as we gathered and caught up on everyone's lives.

Everyone is here for the conference we're hosting for the next four days. We'll have our dear friends Carey and Amy Hofer from Sioux Falls, SD staying with us and also Patti Giebink from Chamberlain, SD. Several of our friends from our former church in Indiana are traveling down for the weekend also. This is one of those sweet moments in time when all your streams converge. What a blessing.

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Katie Lynne Temple said...

Matt it was so refreshing to see y'all this past week. I realized that I lacked in saying goodbye... maybe because I know its not goodbye but see you later. Anyways I cant wait to be there for a long time!!!! See you later Matt.