Thursday, May 11, 2006

Call to Prayer

We've just blasted out an important article that Lou Engle has written. I would encourage you to read it.


E said...

I have not yet seen the movie, but after reading this I will. I also read the article by Lou Engle and am very excited to be a part of these historic events..not as a spectator, but as an intercessor.
O God, give us...
--the boldness of Daniel who prayed in spite of the threat of the fiery furnace
--give us the persistance and hunger of Elisha who would not let his master go until his desire was filled: a double portion of God's Spirit!
--Give us the heart of David who loved God so much that it was displayed through his abandoned praise and sincere worship
--Give us the courage of Gideon who after recieving the prophetic word & heart of God, was able with a small group of people to change the course of a nation!!

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