Thursday, February 23, 2006

C'mon South Dakota

"South Dakota Senate passes abortion ban bill"

These state battles are incredibly important right now. When Roe v Wade comes down, and it is coming down, the likely result will be to revert back to the individual states. Many states are siezing the moment to enact legislation that will already be in place when that day comes. The masses are beginning to speak, and they're saying "Abortion is wrong." The pollution of America by the shedding of innocent blood has reached it's fever pitch. All hell is waging war on multiple fronts because its end is near. There's a shaking in the enemy's spiritual camp. Spokespeople for Planned Parenthood and NOW are already conceding defeat in the battle over the courts. The Body of Christ must rise up at the state level. The Church is meant to be the head and not the tail. It's meant to lead the parade of history and not just spectate.

Houses of prayer must rise in each state to wage war on the issue of abortion.

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