Thursday, February 09, 2006

The arrow of the Lord's victory over humanism?

OK. If this actually happens, then God's either being funny or He has something to prove. We've been working on a location for JHOP Boston all week. While we were there over the weekend, we stumbled upon this building. We jokingly said, "Hey look! It's an arrowhead building like JHOP in DC." That would sure be cool enough, but then we really freaked out. It stands at the corner of Bow Street and Arrow Street. Uh, yea. It's literally at the corner of Bow & Arrow. It's across the street from Harvard Yard where the Philosophy building is located, and it points to the center of the Yard. We thought, "Man that would be too good to be true." So we looked into it and just found out tonight that the top floor is either partially or completely vacated. We talk to the owner tomorrow about it. Please pray for this situation. We NEED a location for the house of prayer. This one would be ideal in it's location and especially in it's prophetic statement. God gave us an arrowhead building in DC after we were sent there as "the arrow of the Lord's victory over abortion." Could this be "the arrow of the Lord's victory over humanism?"

"God, where are the millionaires? Surely You have gone before us and prepared them for such a time as this. Send them speedily Lord."

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