Sunday, December 18, 2005

Kim is 29 and holding

The Fall Track for the JHOP internship officially ends tomorrow. We're sad to see some good friends leaving to pursue other things. Most of the interns are returning though. So much has happened in the last four months. Kim and I joke with each other about being here much longer than we actually have. When things move as fast as they do here, it seems like a year's worth of events get crammed into less than half the time. We feel priveleged and honored to be able to say we were here during this hour. We saw two seats of the Supreme Court open up during this track, and the battle for the latter has just begun. The battle for Alito's confirmation was accurately labeled on "This One's Going To Be Armageddon." All previous battles have led up to this one. Time magazine recently published their "Year In Review." Life Tapers made the cut on page 72. And Nightline's presentation of JHOP was nothing less than a kiss from Heaven. We've been discussing the fact that our program was the first to air after Ted Koppel retired. Could this be a sign that God is affecting the news media? We don't know, but emails have been coming in from all over the country. People are saying everywhere that they were tremendously encouraged by the report and have renewed hope for American media. Pastors have been showing the segment to their entire congregations, and people are encouraged. This is a good time to be alive.

Kim's birthday was yesterday. As a surprise I flew her best friend Jeni Wright in for the weekend. It was a short trip but a huge surprise for Kim. They had a great time this weekend. We're traveling to Indiana and Tennessee for Christmas this year. We're looking forward to time with the family. We've missed out on that for the past eight years since we were living in Colorado. So much has changed in our lives this year. It will be good to have some family time at the end to process things.

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