Friday, December 09, 2005

Ananias Company

On Monday, 12/5, I recorded the following dream.

In the dream, I was taking a team to confront the Muslim house of prayer. We set out to go, but we weren't clear what we going to do when we got there. I remember feeling very vulnerable as we entered a city. We were out in the open walking through the streets to our destination. We came to an intersection in the city and found muslims praying toward Mecca. To our surprise there was already a small band of intercessors there praying as well. Suddenly, I waved my hand in the air in a circular motion and yelled, "Just do what we always do!" Immediately, everyone snapped into rows and ranks like military. The intercessors that were already there joined our ranks. The muslims weren't saying anything out loud, but they began to sneer and make faces at us. They were furious! Now this was interesting- we took our position IN BETWEEN the muslims and Mecca. We weren't beside or behind them. We were in front of them with our back to them. I remember feeling very unnerved having them behind us where we couldn't see them. It felt extremely vulnerable and even dangerous, and it reminded me of the beheading videos seen in the news. I felt like one of them would come up behind me and cut off my head. I slowly turned my head to look fully expecting to see them coming for us, but I was shocked at what I saw. One by one their group was leaving looking very defeated. They were losing heart and giving up. Then the dream ended.

This was a powerful dream for me. I'm praying about it and weighing it out before the Lord. Clearly, God has shown me that His heart is for the muslims. I shared the dream with a friend of mine that's in seminary. He currently has a missions class and had just been given an amazing statistic. 75% of muslims that convert to Christianity do so because of a dream, vision or direct encounter with Christ himself. I've heard many reports of this, but I had never heard it in the context of such an incredible percentage. 75% are encountering Christ personally without the help of anyone evangelizing them. This blows my mind. Could God be mobilizing an intercessor army in this hour that will contend with the false god of Islam? I believe it will take a company of people that will step into the gap like Ananias. Christ appears to Saul in a visitation and then speaks to Ananias in a vision. Ananias was fearful because of all that he had heard of this Saul of Tarsus, but he lays his life on the line anyway. He had an Esther moment and said, "If I perish, I perish." Perhaps an Ananias company that's willing to be martyred in intercession can turn this thing.

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