Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Y.O.P.P.- Young Ones Praying & Prophesying

Last Friday I posted an entry on the Bound4LIFE blog Moral Outcry. An amazing story had come to us via email about a young 12-year-old girl that was about to give a persuasive speech to her 7th grade class. She had chosen the topic of abortion in spite of strong resistance from her teachers. So much resistance that she was told that her topic would prevent her from being considered to advance in the competition.

Lia not only stuck to her convictions and continued with her speech, but her teacher ended up being very moved by her handling of the content. Not only did the teacher change her mind about allowing Lia to compete, but Lia went on to win for her class. Today I am praying for Lia as she gives this amazing speech to her entire school. Who knows? Maybe she'll win that one too and advance to compete regionally.

The video on YouTube is taking on a life of it's own. We just learned today that Elijah List picked up my posting unsolicited today and rebroadcast it to their Breaking Christian News network. They claim to have more than 53,000 subscribers. I believe God wants to do something special in Lia's school, but more importantly God has just found a 12-year-old to be a prophetic voice to the nation. YOPP! (Young Ones Praying & Prophesying)

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