Sunday, February 17, 2008

In the Studio Today

I’m in the recording studio today with my dear friends Daniel & Autumn Katz. They and their band are recording what we hope will become an underground anthem of intercession in America. They've created a new arrangement of the old Baptist hymn “What Can Wash Away My Sins.” We'll be blasting this song as a FREE download through Bound4LIFE, theCall, iTunes and every possible channel we can get our hands on. This song is amazing. They’ve put the whole thing in a minor key and turned it into an intercesson song. It’s phenomenal.

Daniel Katz- acoustic guitar, vocals
Autumn Katz- 1935 Steinway Piano, vocals
Caleb Rodgers- drums, perpetual laid back attitude
JM Friedenmaker- bass, cool unruly hair, music techno-babble
Luke Skaggs- electric guitar, weird stuff, anecdotes about his dad

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