Friday, September 14, 2007

Planned Parenthood's Recent Hypocrisy

This article is a must-read in light of all the negative national media attention they're receiving.


patrice said...

Right on Matt! Most truthful article I have read. It echos my experiences at PP and their attitudes and deceptions. Glory to God! from Dr.Patti

Matt Lockett said...

I believe you have played a big part in bringing light to the darkness. Your identifcational repentance at the Call Nashville has eternal significance before the throne.

Matt Lockett said...

To see it go to:

Liz said...

Oh man. I just watched that video. It was so powerful at the Call, and it definitely carries over through the video. May God continue to use this repentance to move many.

melaine said...

hey matt,
sadly, last night i was at a funeral for a friend who died last week having a "safe" abortion.
miss you guys.
melaine m.

Matt Lockett said...

I'm so sorry. Who was it, and how did you know them? I believe the darkness is lifting, albeit too late for so many. The dark night must end.