Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Up for Grabs?

I had been seeing this book recently, and the title certainly captured my imagination. I haven't been an in-depth student of Graham, but I've studied the historical circumstances surrounding the inception of his ministry- Graham, Bill Bright and others erupted on the scene at about the same time due to fasting.

I had been thinking about this book entertaining wild thoughts of what it must have been like to be personal friends with 11 Presidents. I've always admired Graham's ministry from afar. I can think of no other public figure that has walked with such purity, humility and sincerity. He has managed to remain above reproach which is saying a lot.

I'm reading this book now, and I feel like I'm supposed to read it now. On Saturday I was walking through Barnes & Noble, and I passed the sale table and saw it sitting there. It had been popping up in front of me on several occasions gripping me each time I saw it. This time was no different, and I picked it up and began to thumb through it. Everyone knows that Graham is well on in years and that old age has brought expected health challenges for him. He doesn't travel anymore. The crusades are in the past–part of the memories of a life well lived. His own admission is that "I don't have much longer." I couldn't help but think as I flipped through the pages that his mantile is about to pass.

At that exact moment my phone beeped. It was a text message from a close friend of mine Steve Hickey. I almost couldn't believe it. The message read:

“This Preacher and the Presidents book is very important. Do you have one yet? His governmental influence mantle is soon to pass.”

Needless to say, I bought the book, and I'm hoping to glean something valuable from its pages.

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Nick Cole said...

This is amazing Matt! 'Nuff said. I am sure your mind is racing after God hands you a book like this with a confirmation to pick it up from the Hickster. Have you seen Kim Clement's word about death and a new thing happening? He says that when someone passes their mantle passes and a new thing is birthed. Obviously Elijah and Elisha, but even Moses and Joshua, Isaac and Jacob, Jesus and the Disciples. Its obvious God intends to have a man of prayer, purity and (consequently of those two things) Integrity in the White House, advising and praying for the president. You and your family are in my prayers! Love ya man!