Tuesday, May 01, 2007

When Bad Videos Happen to Bad Songs

Don't you dare NOT watch the whole thing like you're not a closet Journey fan.


retro said...

This video is so wretched it could pass for old-school CCM!

The air-piano at :04 seconds is a tip-off. So is the posterior shot. CBB

Amy Hofer said...


I couldn't stomach the whole thing. Actually I couldn't watch more than about 25 seconds. I remember when that FIRST came out. It was soooooo hot.


Matt Lockett said...

What are you- some kind of tourist? WATCH THE WHOLE THING! It only gets better... or worse.

Eric M said...

Actually, I'm ready for that 'hot' hairstyle to make a come back...the 70s did, when will the 80s?

jim said...

was steve perry too cool to 'air microphone'?

me thinks so.