Monday, April 09, 2007

Fetal Position on HOUSE

I have not seen this episode myself (thanks to no TV), but I received an email from a friend that this show took an unpopular life-afirming stand last week. In the episode "Fetal Position" on Fox's House the show featured a story about a woman faced with aborting her baby to save her own life. Different measures are taken in order to save both lives.

I'm not a regular watcher of this show, and I've heard that they've argued the case for abortion in other episodes, but this video clip is well worth watching. The scene is a virtual re-enactment of the inutero surgery performed on Samuel Armas, whose spina bifida was repaired by doctors at Nashville's Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Samuel's extended hand grasping the surgeon's finger was captured in Michael Clancy's famous photo.

Warning: The video does feature a surgical situation, and blood and tissue are visible up close.


Elizabeth Kosorski said...

I Love House! Ok. not totally appropriate all the time, but you know, it's my kinda sense of humor! I about fell out of my chair watching this episode last week.

Steve & Carri Shuler said...

I watched the program for the first time because of some of the previews I saw. It was an awesome episode and sets up thoughts for people to ponder.

Blessings Lockett family and your ministry!

Alie said...


Saw the show, it was awesome. It gave so much to think about. Seeing the baby hold the doctors had was so powerful. The baby was no long just tissue. Thanks for the info. Hope all is well, miss you guys.