Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Please pray for me. I'll be heading to Grand Rapids, MI tomorrow to speak at a gathering of youth pastors. I'll also be meeting to discuss and brainstorm key mobilization efforts for America's youth in the next two years.

My prayer is that this will be a major inroad for Bound4LIFE in Michigan. By the way, does anyone know where Berea, MI is? (trick question)


Elizabeth Kosorski said...

I'm from MI and I don't know. Sad. I do know that in Northern Michigan this weekend the wind chill was -20. Have fun!

Brenda David said...

Hey Matt!
Excited to see you going to GR! I lived there for 20+ years and I forwarded the announcement about you going there to several friends. Hope they show up!
We sure miss you here in SD!