Friday, September 22, 2006

Four Days Left

We're in the last four days of the 21-days. The first three days here in Rapid City have been great. The spiritual warfare here is different than in the rest of the state. "The nature of the storm has changed," as I was told shortly after we arrived. I like Rapid City. It reminds me a lot of the foothills in Colorado–a little taste of home. The team have lost no momentum. I'm extremely proud of them. They're pouring their souls into this effort and giving it everything they have.

In other news, we've learned that Sandra Cano's case consideration has been extended to October 6th. Sandra is the "Mary Doe" of Doe v. Bolton, the companion case of Roe v. Wade that sealed legalized abortion in 1973. Like Norma McCorvey of RvW, Sandra is now a Christian and is seeking to have her case overturned. The premise for the case is that we know more now than we did in 1973 about he effects of abortion. The truth is that "abortion hurts women." Please read details of the case and watch Sandra's testimony before the Judiciary Sub-Committee on the Constitution here. Our friend Allan Parker of the Justice Foundation is representing Sandra and is encouraged by the extention. The case landed on the desk of the Supreme Court on July 31st and has to be reviewed by the Justices to determine if they will hear the case in the next session. Previously, they were set to review it on September 25th which turned out to be the last day of our 21-day fasting and prayer journey (not planned!) But now they extended it to review the material on 9/25 AND 10/6. Allan thinks this is a good sign. He told me that part of their case arguement cites the abortion ban passed in South Dakota earlier this year. We're dreaming big right now. What if the Supreme Court agrees to hear Sandra's case? What if the people of South Dakota support the abortion ban passed by their legislators? What if several other states move to pass similar laws (there's about 13 watching SD)? What if what if what if...

I know this- two years ago one of our young people had a dream where a woman named Sandra Cano came out of the Supreme Court to our people praying with LIFE tape out front. In the dream, she asked us if we would stand with her when her case went to court. Not much to misinterpret there.

Tired of just waiting around, Jonathan decided to go up against the Philistines single-handed and pick a fight because his nation was hiding in caves. His armorbearer went with him and said this, "Do all that you have in mind. Go ahead; I am with you heart and soul." We're with you, Sandra.

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